A Linux Distro for a Server


What distro would you guys recommend for a Linux server?

I tried Ubuntu 18.04 Server with their snaps but a lot of it is outdated. Their Docker is a few months out of date, there does seem to be some progress by the community to get it up to date but Docker, Inc is no longer maintaining their snap. The one for mongodb was last updated in 2016.


personally im very useless in servers, but for babydora.me i used Ubuntu 18.04, but only b/c Discourse had an Docker image, specifically for Ubuntu, and i didnt want to mess up with unsupported distros and trying to figure out issues …but Discourse Docker is probably a special case :slight_smile:


I have a node.js website hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet that runs on Fedora 28, they unfortunately don’t have a F29 option. It took me 2 hours to set everything up (node, pm2, ssh and nginx). The packages can be updated by hand fairly easily.


If you want set-and-forget (outside of updates), then go CentOS. (If you’re primarily running containers, the host system age won’t matter much, which makes CentOS work even better here.) You also get the added security of SELinux, which can be a tad irritating on desktop but is beautiful on servers.

If you want newer software on the host and don’t mind marginal maintainance, Fedora Server would be the way to go IMO.

Soon, for a container host I’d recommend Fedora CoreOS / RHEL CoreOS, but that’s not quite ready yet.