Add remote of EndlessOS


According to
Flatpak theory
Each system which is using Flatpak can be configured to access any number of remote repositories. Once a system has been configured to access a ‘remote’, the remote repository’s content can be inspected and searched, and it can be used as the source of applications and runtimes.
It should be possible to integrate/use other stores/remotes of flatpak apps to Fedora 30 Silverblue.
How can this be done?
Can you give us a guide?
Is there a register/list of known flatpak repos/remotes and how to access them?
EndlessOS uses Flatpak apps only. How to use them, on Fedora too?


AFAIK Endless just uses Flathub, and outside of nightly builds, Flathub and the Fedora Flatpak repos are really the only two major ones.