Adding a dark version of the theme


I’ll add it if I need to, the white just burns my eyes. :sweat_smile:


basically i wanted to make dark a default, but then i thought someone would be dark-intolerant :stuck_out_tongue:

i opened the default dark, i only changed the text, to forbidden Google Sans! this font is so unbelievable amazing!!


and i made dark default now! after all, it is much better! in fact im thinking to switch the whole blog in dark! i was going to add a dark switcher anyway, but maybe do dark from start, and later on i add a light theme switcher!


i made it all full dark! it was basically less than 100 lines CSS so it is easy to make a switcher, apart the discourse comments, that im not sure if i can switch themes (on embedded comments) depending the site style

im not sure if i made it better or worse though! speak :slight_smile:


I like more dark background to light background :smile:

Maybe you can publish a poll for that, in order to know what people think about?:thinking:


first of all i should start blogging, so i get some users to vote :slight_smile:
and second i really need to fix it on phones coz is a disaster!!

meanwhile Ghost CMS is impossible weak! im not even sure how someone can blog in this platform; and whoever praises it on Google etc, smokes a lot …and thats why reviews should be criticizing and focus on the issues, rather on what works good, which is expected anyway

#7 this dark theme is very beautifull, and isn’t hard to implement! the background can be an Anime image blurred :3


that site while it looks super, is quite unreadable …mostly b/c the sliding animations on cards; plus i dont know what happens if you have long text, b/c i cant find posts there with large text


btw if you go to index i have added a zoom effect (alongside w shadows) that i think is very annoying …not so annoying as those sliders, but very close :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right, the page I sent has many design problems. I like the dark theme of this blog but it’s too dark and the colors are not very striking, maybe using a twitter-like theme that has more defined colors and more differentiated from each other


check back now; i made text brighter; plus i added a lazy loading for images …which i have no idea if it works :confused:

this Ghost CMS doesnt create images thumbnails; it is so bummer for making a blog with lots of images as i wanted to do :frowning: …cant believe it cant do; i open an issue on their Discourse, they said they work on that, but i found same issue like 2 years ago, and still “we are working on that” ROFL!!!


I understand, the style of a web page is too complex, I would like the color of the header to be a little more distinguishable than the color of the body, and this…

PDT: i like this image effect!


basically posts dont even have header :slight_smile:

anyway, blog design has a million issues, like it doesnt even work on phones, but i cant fix all from day one; need to actually roll it a bit and fix

meanwhile i remember Angular docs had a dark switcher that was amazing! i was using this to read docs, but i cant find anymore to see the styles they were using; not sure if they removed it b/c dark wasnt convenient for reading :confused: