Can't run gnome-control-center


Hello, I can’t run gnome-control-center on my arch Gnome 3.30 It’s looks like the reason is on unite extension, cause in terminal “gnome-control-center -v” shows:
" (gnome-control-center:3732): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:17:34.844: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1:109: Failed to import: Error opening file /home/bla/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ No such file or directory"
This unite extension was removed, and i tryed install it again, but it not helps. Also i tryed remove and reinstall gnome-control-center:
sudo pacman -Rndd gnome-control-center
sudo pacman -S gnome-control-center
Can someone help me?


i dont think G-C-C doesnt start b/c of this extension; but best way to make sure isnt a session/settings issue, is to create a new user, login with it, and test if G-C-C works there


So, I resolved this issue- “gsettings reset org.gnome.ControlCenter last-panel”
from here:rofl: