Colors on "ls" w LSD


thats actually neat! whats not neat is there is on Snap, but not on Flatpak :frowning:


Oooo, looks nice! There’s also exa, which is packaged by Fedora but doesn’t have the icons.

EDIT: Also



dah! you’re are moderator!! you could change it!
speaking of which, how many Ubuntu users have you hunt down and skin alive? i spotted a few on that poll …that was created for exactly this reason :slight_smile:



How many have you :smirk:


enough for Twitter suspending me :stuck_out_tongue:


But how do I get that on Fedora Silverblue???


i’m ashamed to admit that i only noticed today lol, anw, the blog looks sweet, btw any chance to use mastodon?

back on topic, so, this just changes the colours for the terminal season?