enable Terminal headebars


Terminal in GNOME 3.32 release finally got a Headerbars option, and is exactly that, an option that isn't even default!! GNOME Terminal usptream is Titlebars!? distros that ship GNOME will most likely enable that, but if not, here how to do it!

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basically i could write a post w 4 spaces …im just spamming :stuck_out_tongue:

gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Settings headerbar true


babyGsettings.me :grin:

Edit: I was joking, but I would follow a blog that was all all tips and tricks via gsettings commands (and maybe other text files and Firefox about:config)


damn! that (1) on click you see was mine! so embarrassing :blush:

that is the goal! short posts, full of hints tips and news! not personal opinions etc! im still not there, b/c it hasnt views YET (ha!) so im mostly add content to fix the actual site :slight_smile: