GNOME 3.32 is awesome!


3.32 is now in ArchLinux (with gnome-unstable) and it is really fast and beautiful, it’s my favorite release since a long time!


damn son! i love your avatar!!! was so cool when i saw it!!


I’ve heard it breaks all extensions; if it’s true i’m in trouble


the proper expression is you’re screwed :slight_smile:
i only tried emojis which is your best …it doesnt even start :slight_smile:


Is that the emoji picker extension?


yes, it throws a this._something is not a function if i can remember correctly


I use the same and was going to try my hand at updating it, but I just got a bad taste in my mouth after spending two hours failing at the system-monitor one…


… aaaand Gnome Builder 3.32 is awesome too! What a great world and century to live in :smile: