GNOME Lollypop Vs KDE Plasma :p


today Lollypop had a 1.0 release and it is available on Flathub already; and many gratz to gnumdk!!

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KDE Plasma has everything to be awesome - a better tech stack, an active development community and I even think a better default theme (at least compared to the old Adwaita), but it all goes downhill because they lack UX polish. They have nice features and usually work pretty fast, but there’s just a clusterfuck of menus and options thrown at your face, inconsistent design choices and you have to learn how to use every. single. thing. because of how inconsistent it is.

Of course, there’s always people that like it, good for them! But you can’t really complain that no distros choose it as their default when the first impression you get from Plasma is a mess of settings with kinda bizarre defaults.

Gnome does differ from other DE’s paradigm, but as soon as you learn that the Activities button/Super key can take you to wherever you want, it’s pretty easy.


Well, well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion on their own right. However, while I haven’t tried this Lollypop, It is available for me in Linux Mint KDE, I don’t know why you make this related to KDE , what is KDE’s default music player anyways? Mint brings Amarok and VLC by default, but I see this Lollypop is availabe, so I could install it here as well. What I think would be awesome would be having it available for smartphones in their app store, being an open source music player it could be very popular if it solves problems such as the ones I have right now (the default music player doesn’t recognize all my m3u playlist for example)