Hello! Does this thing work?!



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Reality be rent… Synapse break… Vanishment this world :stuck_out_tongue:


Might want to adjust your theme CSS FYI…


theme is the least that worries me …i think i did a big mistake using Ghost instead of WP :confused:
but i checked already migrations; so in the worst case, i will switch :slight_smile:


CSS is a little off here too.
Screenshot from Firefox mobile view (dev tools on desktop)


@pvaqueiroz just testing if all working …it even surprised me it did :slight_smile:


Functionality wise everything seems to be fine. Still I don’t get it, stuff in the blog is linked to community?


that was the whole point; all posts in blog go automatically on “Blog Posts” category; it’s best comment system coz DIscourse rocks, but unfortunately Ghost lacks way too many things to make a proper integration, and even more it lacks a plugin API


I see. Well if that was the desired behavior, it’s all working. Hope to see this blog rocking soon :+1:


Hello people! I am using Ubuntu 18.10. I hope that you will not kill me for this xD


I started a personal blog last week too, using Ghost!

I’m having a blast with it. It’s really simple to manage, and maybe it’s because it’s my first blog ever, but I found it much better to use than the WordPress panel. It’s kind of a Plasma vs Gnome situation :stuck_out_tongue:

The only integration I made is Disqus though. I also made a few minor tweaks to the default Casper theme. Really enjoying it so far :slight_smile:


im very very disappointed with Ghost to be honest; mostly b/c the lack of a plugin system, but also from their core community


Would you say their community is… a ghost town?

ba dum tss