How we expose a Podman app on host display?


for example do podman pull ubuntu install something GUI and then start it on host w podman exec

cc @refi64


If you’re on Wayland, you should just have to expose your XDG_RUNTIME_DIR into the container and use the same UID inside the container as outside. That way, the container will be able to access the Wayland socket.

If you’re on Xorg, it’s a bit more complicated, these directions are for Docker but should also apply to podman:


yeah i tried already the Docker way, but i keep getting a “cannot open display” w Podman; anyway i will check a bit closer how Toolbox does it

btw i didnt know about the Wayland way! that sounds super super cool! i dont have Wayland to try it, but still super super cool!!


Hmm, what if you pass --security-opt label=disable to podman?