just did a Silverblue 30 new install :)

hello! i'll write a getting started guide on Silverblue (aka Sb) on glorious babydora guides, but for now i will go fast, so you need to have some Sb experience to follow!

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whats up? i set up a whole Discourse exactly for you to comment and what i get is zero comments! thats so embarrassing! and also so ridiculously funny :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

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hey Alex!! big fan of you here to post a comment just for posting another one :smile:
so I shoud restart my blog too
I installed sb but its not ready for everyday use. still stick with elementary os

OMG! elementary? seriously?? :hushed::sleepy::confused::sob::cry:



Design of post and Content seems really good. Thanks for sharing this. :heart_eyes:

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finally! the first positive comment on blog :slight_smile:

in my defense i cant do much! Ghost has serious limitations, like cant even crop images (!!!) and much more!! at some point i was almost ready to switch to Wordpress, but i didnt want to go w PhP and all weird development environment!! so i will keep it for now, but if they wont fix things inside this year (they said they’re working on some of my issues), i will migrate to Wordpress!!

Why you have /blog endpoint, isn’t useless??
If you find any way to install broadcom-wl on SilverBlue, please share, i still need migrate to SilverBlue.


that basically needs dkms to work on Silverblue, doesnt it?

https://babydora.me/blog/ seems really weird.


oh yeah! /blog is a bit annoying, but i added it so i could put more stuff on front-page w/o bloating the actual blog; and b/c is annoying b/c people will direct get into / i added the 4 latest posts

yeah its lame :sleepy: I don,t know man you tell me. a working stable distro that I do my web dev job promise to stick with :grimacing:

broadcom-wl uses akmods, not dkms, so Alex Larsson’s recent changes might make it work.

distros is not really relevant, you can do web-development in any distro about the same; but why working on the rest w an LTS Ubuntu is what i cant get; just use a regular Ubuntu, add Dash to Dock and make it just about elementary (apart horizontal desktops), and you have a better system, and a better desktop …more reliable too

ofc i dont want to push people away from smaller projects, but to be cynical elementary is just a worse Ubuntu :confused:

Oops, i always thought that Akmods was the same as Dkms.:scream:

Nvidia… How do the same for Broadcom driver??

thanks! based on your medium post I installed this but RPMfusion has an issue 404 not found. can’t get prime to switch between (optimus) graphic cards :sob:
everything is OK.

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If you don’t actually need the nvidia, it’d be easier to just blacklist it and rely on the Intel GPU.

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Seeing I don’t see an update, you no longer need to install the nvidia driver from alex’s special repo. It’s now updated on rpmfusion. https://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2019/03/06/nvidia-drivers-in-fedora-silverblue/

Doubt this is the best place for this comment but this post was my inspiration for the evenings ventures. So I thought it might be cute to create an image from scratch with buildah that gives me a basic terminal with my favored environment. I learned about buildah unshare which is quite interesting but on SIlverblue it put me in quite a pickle. You see I want to dnf install --installroot mounted container overlay -y zsh on a scratch container image and there is no dnf for root on silverblue. I then thought rpm-ostree might be the appropriate tool but I do not seem to know enough how this tool works. It now seems that I need to build it as a docker image and this circle has me scratching my head. I thought the whole point was to get away from docker?