Let's Encrypt is your friend!



Doesn’t it already have Let’s Encrypt certs?


It’s an issue in Eolie :slight_smile:


Eolie is super! time to move on your next project! a GTK app for Amazon Polly! this would be the best thing ever in GNOME!! and it is not even hard to do! at least the Amazon API is very simple! Animator App charges crazy money for voices, just for having an interface for Polly SSML …which basically is an interface to create XMLs!!


oh, i confused Eolie with Lollypop! but even better! you can integrate Amazon Polly on Eolie :slight_smile:


What? Will never make an app for such closed service!

This is the main diff between you and me:

  • You are an Open Source fan
  • I’m a Free Software fan


should i remind you, you already use Google APIs? …RMS has expelled you already from Free Software :stuck_out_tongue: …besides we all love money :slight_smile:


Using third party API is not the same than building an application around one API


true, but still a very good app idea! but adding a reader mode on Eolie is escaping the rule, and it can be an awesome feature and something we totally miss in GNOME in general! plus it is super feature for people with disabilities!! (ha, you cant defeat my last argument!)


True but there are free software that do the same.


like what? im not aware of any, at least doing it good