NVidia Prime on Fedora 29?


Hey there!

I just joined the world of Fedora - coming from Manjaro and Ubuntu, there are some things that are quite new to me.

I’m trying to setup my laptop with Geforce 830M to be able to use my NVidia card when I want to - but still be able to use only Intel card for more battery life.

I want to be able to switch Prime profiles, just like it’s possible in Linux Mint for example. However, tutorials on the internet are quite raw and messy imo. I followed a guide for using Negativo17’s repo and followed all instructions and rebooted. A NVidia app showed up on my app grid but it’s not even opening. I pasted a command on my Terminal to see which drivers I’m using (I can’t remember the command :P) and it shows Nouveau. I’m running Gnome on XOrg.

I know a lot of people here have had experience with this. Any help would be awesome!