[Poll] CSD on Visual Studio Code


i made a new Fedora installation, and when i installed VSCode i noticed that it now defaults on native window decorations, that is terrible! thats the issue on Github

to enable CSD open command palette


Search for “preferences” and on Preferences: Open Settings UI search for “titlebar” and set style to Custom

so, what do you use?

  • Custom
  • Native

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i basically use the RPM b/c the Flatpak has some issues, but VSCode is on Flathub ofc!


Normally neither, I disabled the menu bar itself (since command palette can do everything anyway) and just used Pixel Saver to hide the title bar when maximized.

Given that Pixel Saver broke on 3.32 and probably will never be fully Wayland-friendly though, I may have to just use Custom.


On old Adwaita, I set it to native with the precision theme. Made it fit right in with the system style. Unfortunately, there’s not a VSCode theme that’s specifically made for the new Adwaita yet.


Wish there was a way to make VS Code more native like this project for Firefox.


i guess it can be done, if someone writes an Adwaita theme for VSCode, including custom headerbars?


That’s something I’d loooove to do, but unfortunately time is not a resource I have :frowning: