Unify Headerbars with rest content ..and BooM! Cute GNOME Apps!

Originally published at: https://babydora.me/blog/unify-headerbars-with-rest-content-and-boom-cute-gnome-apps/

Based on true events! When I come back from Windows 10 to GNOME, the graphics look like a decade back. One reason is Windows 10 visual effects (like lightnings) and specially the motion graphics, when in GNOME Apps there isn’t much of animation, other than some boring sliding and fading, and even that doesn’t look…

The image lightbox thing you use doesn’t work for me (in Firefox Nightly at least). If I click any of the images, I only see the last one. It still says there are 3 images, but they are all the same.

oops! it doesn’t work for me either! basically i had made it for Ghost CMS and i quickly changed it for WordPress, and I didnt notice was broken! Thanks, I will fix it later!!