Which distro gives the best performance in Deepin Desktop?


Thought to try Deepin!! But I currently Fedora doesn’t supports it​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:!!

Btw… Where to post random Linux Stuffs or doubt… As this sub is for silver blue and gnome😅!!


i dont know whats the best, but Deepin is probably the worst! they say that Manjaro has good support, but it misses the Deepin Store, and once i tried it they hadnt fully updated

where to put no GNOME/Silverblue stuff …i guess on another forum :)))))
i dont know, if that goes to what distro what desktop, etc, maybe we should change categories a bit! that are already too many :confused:


if you have an NVIDIA video card, I do not recommend deepin distribution (in my case it worked horrible :(), try Antergos with Deepin


Hayi, Senpai !! I have Nvidia card😅!! So I think it would be best if I dropped the idea of using it😅!!


Arigatou Senpai🙃!! It would be a pain in the ass… To install another distro😅!!

Don’t know bout other forums​:sweat_smile:!! But I think this will evolve into something humongous!!:yum: