Writer: GTK md editor w a publishing API


hello! im not in full speed yet, but when i get there, i will post whatever is GNOME and OSTree related, and if i do mistakes, you should correct it on comments :)

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Best Linux blog ever! Super popular!

Btw try Writer


thank you so much for your authentic and genuine comment :stuck_out_tongue:


It seriously is my favorite. This is the first place I can actually talk to people that use/develop software for Linux. I’ve tried that on Twitter and some Facebook groups with no luck. So I’m really happy you’re putting effort into this. I hope it gets crowded soon!


FYI as a side note, there’s also the Fedora Discussion, as well as many Discord servers…

(inb4 I get killed for taking away active custome—err I mean users)


Lol :joy: Yoo, had never heard of fedora discussion, thanks.

@babydora you’re still my favorite tho


Gtk markdown editor? That’s awesome! Thx for sharing … :confetti_ball::point_up: