Writer - Write and publish markdown


Hi guys,

It’s been over 2 years since I last shared a project openly and today I come with Writer a markdown editor with syntax highlighting and some text formatting tools. Writer is also connected to an API I wrote that allows you to easily publish your articles.

I would love to get some feedback on the program :sweat_smile:

The website is very, very simple at the moment. It only allows you to see articles ordered by modification date and (of course) to read articles individually.

Background: I started developing this program a couple of days ago after seeing a program called Write.as in the Elementary OS app center. I first thought it was a very simple program for it’s suggested price (USD$25), then I found out they also charge a USD$1-6 for their publishing API. That got me curious, “does a program that simple need to be so expensive?”. So here I am, trying a cheaper version of that (free for everyone but me lol :joy:).


Looks nice! I’ve used UberWriter in the past for this but it can be…well, weird. Might give this a try soon!


you’ve been busted :stuck_out_tongue:

"type" : "git",
                    "url" : "file:///home/pqueiroz/Projects/writer"


and first MR :slight_smile:

btw it would be nice if you could move it on GNOME Gitlab …i mean since you already use Gitlab and not Github, it makes easier to discover GNOME related projects!


Merged, that was naive of me. I wake up to read a post by @babydora * super exited * then I, a Fedora user, GNOME lover, read “it’s basically an Elementary app” * dies inside *

Your post got me exited with “live preview” that’s next on the update list :wink:


@babydora there you go:


OMG!! that was fast!! now i have to update :ice_hockey:


check it out! that screenshot looks cool on my brand new dark theme!!

and also leave a comment there, just to feel the site is popular :stuck_out_tongue: